Business models based on open licensing
Project ZOOOM is about the importance of intellectual property generation and management for valorisation strategies in open collaborative and open innovation ecosystems. It explores the 3Os in 4 emerging technologies...
Business Cases
Artificial Intelligence 90%
Quantum Technologies and Internet of Trust 78%
Blockchain 87%
Robotics 83%
Upcoming Events
IP Models for an Innovation Ecosystem at IMEC
15 March 2023
The webinar will describe IMEC’s innovation network models bringing together a world-class infrastructure within the local and global ecosystem of diverse expert partners across the value chain...
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EU Knowledge Valorization Week 2023
25-28 April 2023
The EU Knowledge Valorisation Week is about inspiring best practices, exchanging experiences, discovering novel approaches and peer learning. Presentation of the brand-new European Codes of Practice on intellectual assets management and on standardisation!
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IPforYOU Series by EUIPO

May - November 2023
Events organised by EUIPO together with national competent authorities in Spain, Poland, Lithuania, Cyprus, Finland, Bulgaria, Norway, Slovenia, Belgium, Hungary, Netherlands, Portugal, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Latvia, and Malta.
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ZOOOM Partners
3Os and IP awareness raising for collaborative ecosystems (ZOOOM)
Grant Agreement No. 101070077, Duration: 10/2022 – 09/2024