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Business Aspects of Open Source: Consulting and Beyond

This module explores the strategic and business aspects of open source technology, making it suitable for professionals looking to leverage open source for business success. Participants will learn how open source can be used for innovation, revenue generation, and competitive

3Os and IP management for intermediaries

This module is designed to guide intermediaries and supporting organizations in the definition and implementation of a service portfolio for the 3Os and IP management.The module contains: the identification of the role of intermediaries in the 3Os, the description of

Legal training module (Basic & Advanced)

1. Legal Aspects of Open Source: Understanding Licenses Subtitle Open/free licenses do not mean that everything is allowed Instructor Elizabeta Zirnstein Target This course is designed for managers, entrepreneurs, researchers and developers with no background in IP rights and licencing.

Technical training module (Basic & Advanced)

The basic module is designed to introduce participants to the basic technological aspects of open source software. Participants will learn the fundamentals of open source development, version control, and collaboration. The advanced module is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding

Business training module

This module is designed to support stakeholders in the ecosystems to match business models with appropriate 3Os frameworks. The focus is on four emerging technologies: AI, quantum and IoT, blockchain and robotics (4Es). The academic literature review give a quick