Supporting Organization Tools

This section of the toolkit introduces three essential tools designed to help supporting organizations, such as Technology Transfer Offices, legal and R&D departments, and Intellectual Property consultants, structure their offerings as an Open Source Program Office (OSPO). These tools provide practical guidance on how to effectively exploit Open Source, Open Hardware, and Open Data (3Os).

You can also find guidelines for supporting organizations in the button below

Service Portfolio Analysis

In the service portfolio analysis, a list of services usually offered by the OSPO is described and clustered in five different categories. Organizations can use the template provided to identify currently offered services and plan to-be services according to their


Two examples of customer journeys are provided for researchers and companies. Needs, activities and pain points in the different phases of the journey are indicated.

OSPO Services matrix and pipeline

The service matrix is a 5×5 table mapping the services in the customer journey. The matrix will be different for each specific case: each supporting organization will be able to identify its customers journey and map as-is and to-be services

The proposed methodology is inspired by the METHODIH framework for (E)DIHs continuous improvement and cross-regional collaboration and D-BEST methodology for (E)DIH service portfolio analysis developed in the AI regio project