Open assets strategy

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Do you know open source software doesn’t just mean access to the source code?

Business Model Innovation Map For Open Assets

An image map conveying value dimensions in open asset business models

3Os Ecosystem Framework

3Os ecosystem framework in a nutshell The 3Os ecosystem framework consists of three layers: business ecosystems, innovation ecosystems and 3Os innovation ecosystem. In addition to the layered structure of the ecosystems, the framework highlights the role of communities, especially in

License picker by Heather Meeker

Offers a tool to help users select an open-source license for their software projects. It provides logic and guidance on choosing appropriate licenses based on user needs, including a JPEG flowchart for visual aid. The repository is maintained under the

Linux Foundation Open Compliance tools

The page on the Linux Foundation’s Open Compliance Program website lists various tools developed or sponsored by the Linux Foundation that aid in compliance efforts. These tools cater to different aspects of compliance such as license scanning, generating SPDX files,

OSS Compliance Tooling

The OSS Compliance Tooling website outlines a landscape of open-source software-based license compliance tools. It features an extensive list of tools, each with descriptions about their functionality, main license, and use cases. The tools cover various aspects of license compliance,

Compliance tool collection

The compliance-tool-collection repository by Vinland Technology hosts a Docker image that consolidates miscellaneous license compliance tools. This collection is designed to facilitate the use of compliance tools in environments where installation permissions may be restricted. The repository includes a variety

Open means anyone can freely access, use, modify, and share for any purpose.

Open Data Case Studies – European Union

This site showcases practical applications of data across various sectors, such as government, health, and environment, to demonstrate the benefits of open data initiatives. Each use case details innovative projects that leverage data to solve real-world problems, aiming to inspire

Did you know that open hardware is more than just disassembled devices? It’s a realm where innovation, collaboration, and cutting-edge tech converge to shape the future. Discover how open hardware is rewriting the rules of creation and design.

Open Hardware Case Studies

The OpenNext Projects page on Wikifactory is dedicated to showcasing collaborative open hardware projects. It provides a platform where users can explore, contribute to, and initiate projects that emphasize community-driven development and open-source innovation, utilizing Wikifactory’s collaborative tools and resources.