Business Tools

This section equips you with valuable resources to navigate the world of open source, open hardware, and open data (3Os) business models. Here, you’ll find tools and frameworks to help you understand the various value dimensions inherent in these models. 

ZOOOM Licensing Decision Tree

We will ask you a set of questions based on what you want to achieve with your organization and software product and based on that we will guide you through the different choices that you can make.  Start with questions

3Os Ecosystem Framework

3Os ecosystem framework The 3Os ecosystem framework consists of three layers: business ecosystems innovation ecosystems 3Os innovation ecosystem. Value creation and value capture take place on the business ecosystem layer, whereas sharing of the resources takes place on the innovation

Business Model Innovation Map For Open Assets

An image map conveying value dimensions in open asset business models Development driven Internal development Corporate development Corporate development Corporate development without distribution (14) Organizations (both non-profit and commercial) pay full-time orpart-time developers to customize and extend FOSS for their