The company aims to start a sub-project based on new graphic rendering techniques with an open source core with associated subsystem IP, tools, and software for graphical and game designers (development environments). It seeks to create a community around the open source cores and optimise its processes. The company has a patent portfolio and is concerned that exposing it to open source collaboration may ‘taint’ other of its patents.


5-years old

  • How can I convince my customers to change the software they have been using for five years?
  • What is the best transition strategy?

Experience with 3Os

No experience

  • How can I generate value from OSS? Since I need to treat data and information from patients in a secure way, is OS a possible solution or does it have critical vulnerability?
  • Is use of FOSS always encouraged even in a heavily regulated industry like the medical industry?

Technological area

Software for Biomedical Applications

  • Can private health institutions benefit from the use of OSS instead of proprietary ones?
  • Does my clients perceive OSS as beneficial or disadvantageous?


User and Maker

  • Business: Can my company capture value by contributing to OSS?
  • Legal: How to meet legal sustainability when using OSS developed by others?
    Do the legal obligations differ if I am a user vis-a-vis provider?


Compatibility / standardization & social good

  • How to convince the user base to accept the transition toward OSS? Could the adoption of OSS attract new customers, talented developers, and investors?
  • Is there a competing product that you want to prevent from taking market share?
  • Consider the aspect of value generation. Outcome of the use of FOSS in Private Health Institutions and what social good are they targeting?

Attitude toward risk

Moderate risky approach

  • Do the strategic benefits overcome the legal and financial risks?
  • Could there be legal requirements stemming from regulatory and certification frameworks specific to healthcare that discourage the use of FOSS as it might be in contravention to certification and security frameworks?
  • Is the use of FOSS advised in businesses dealing with sensitive medical data?


Only customer interaction

  • Can OSS enhance interaction with non-private institutions, e.g., NGOs or the PA?
  • Should we be concerned that a competitor might modify and use our product without ‘giving back’?


Not engaged in any

  • How can I engage more effectively with the open-source community?
  • How can I create a community around my products? Does it make sense at all?