Würth Phoenix was founded with courage and ambition by Hubert Kofler in September 2000. The company came to life thanks to the Auratix project, an ERP software developed for Würth Group companies in the heart of the picturesque Italian Alps. With headquarters in Bolzano and a branch office in the province of Rome, Würth Phoenix immediately set its sights on rapid growth in both the Italian and European markets. In 2002, the entry of Michael Piok brought shared leadership, managing the company in a context of increasing international expansion. In 2019, the company’s success continued to grow, culminating in the opening of the Milan office. This was a significant step, bringing the company closer to customers and consolidating important strategic technology partnerships.


Company nameWurth Phoenix, Italy
Link to webpagehttps://www.wuerth-phoenix.com/
Age and sizeStarted in 2000, Medium size
3Os relating to the company (User and/or contributor)FOSS (User and Maker)
4Es relating to the company (User and/or contributor)AI and machine learning 
Relevant type of business model(s)FOSS relating service \ Package Suite
Relevant type of license(s)Apache

How OS/OD/OH is used?

Würth Phoenix provides services related to cybersecurity and operates by integrating third-party open components in their software, offering 50-60% of their software as open. Utilizing existing Open Source Software (OSS) resources benefits Würth Phoenix by avoiding the need to begin development from the ground up. This strategic approach offers competitive advantages, particularly for small companies that may lack the resources to invest heavily in new OSS development.

Other benefits include:

  • Offering a more consistent user experience to end-users.
  • Contributing to the development of OSS, thereby improving valuable resources for the broader community.
  • Facilitating talent recruitment by engaging with OSS communities.
  • Expanding one’s knowledge and understanding of significant advancements in the field, including participation in communities and attendance at conferences.