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Thinkin is a young craftsmen team of IoT and Location Intelligence technologies enabling companies to transform traditionally human-driven processes into transparent, digital, and data-driven ones is the key to the future. Their mission is to revolutionize people’s experience in indoor spaces, turning them into measurable and interactive places through their services. In 2013, the idea came to life in the context of Trentino research, and after a period of growth in the U-Hopper incubator, in 2015, ThinkIN® officially became a protagonist. In 2017, their journey expanded with an acceleration program in the Industry 4.0 field at H-FARM. In 2022, they received tangible recognition of the value of our Location Intelligence services: a €1 million investment from Add value and the Startup Revival Fund of CDP.


Company nameThinkIN
Link(s) to webpage
Additional information (e.g. age, size, industry sector)Start-up. Company specialized in location-based services. Software company which heavily uses hardware to perform its mission. The start-up develops a platform specifically to identify location.
3Os (OS/OD/OH) relating to the company and the role of the company as a user and/or contributorMost frequently used Licenses&Tools: Rasperry PI and Apache, used for developing one of the services commercialised by the company.
4Es (artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI); blockchain (BC); quantum (QN); robotics (RB)) relating to the company and the role of the company as a user and/or a contributorAI user
Relevant type of business model(s)Open environment
Relevant type of license(s)Rasperry PI; Apache

How OS/OD/OH is used?

ThinkIn use OH and ML&AI for developing services to be commercialised. As product owner, the developed software is private and proprietary managed with some standard conditions. As user, they follow the IP management regulation set up by the open tools they use. ThinkIn identify a risk in adopting Open tools, especially no one offers ad hoc assistance, like paying software. The company is observing what has been released from open-source communities, particularly in relation to the more specific services/tools they need to develop their product.