We are digital natives of the Blockchain, partly developers and partly consultants, partly economists and partly computer experts. In any case, great enthusiasts. We study the Blockchain, we talk about Blockchain, we teach it and work with businesses, organizations and institutions to help them grow and become more competitive. Our customers are large brands, industries, financial institutions, but also small companies in all sectors, from commerce to distribution, from agrifood to real estate, from rental to surveillance, not to mention startups, artists and professionals. Different realities and with completely different objectives, but with one thing in common: the will to innovate, updating their business model and taking advantage of the many opportunities offered by Blockchain. 


Company nameScaling Parrots, Italy
Link to webpagehttps://www.scalingparrots.com/en/
Age and size
3Os relating to the company and the role of the company as a user and/or contributorFOSS (User and Maker)
4Es relating to the company and the role of the company as a user and/or a contributorBlockchain (User and Maker)
Relevant type of business model(s)Package Suite, Auxiliary Services, Update Subscriptions, Corporate strategic partnership
Relevant type of license(s)

How OS/OD/OH is used?

Scaling Parrots specializes in creating products with monthly subscription models and providing custom code solutions to its clientele. Additionally, the company extends its expertise by offering consultancy services to assist other businesses in leveraging blockchain technologies, while actively engaging with and contributing to open-source (OS) libraries.

Key points to highlight:

  • OSS is integral to their business operations, forming the foundation upon which their products and services are built.
  • Leveraging external developers and contributors enriches their codebase through bug fixes and enhancements, fostering continuous improvement and innovation.
  • Engaging with OSS projects not only enhances their technical capabilities but also yields branding benefits by demonstrating their commitment to collaborative development.
  • The company relies heavily on OSS, as it is essential for conducting their business and delivering value to their clients.