Quanscient is producing and selling multiphysics simulation software utilizing cloud and quantum computing. The company is working towards a future where hardware development is a breeze with automatic testing, simulations, and optimization happening behind the scenes. 

Quanscient Allsolve can solve 10x faster 10x more complex simulations and there is no need for simplified models. For Quanscient Allsolve there are no upfront license costs as you pay for what you use. The customers can run as many simulations in parallel as they like and work on projects together.

Before Quanscient got started, they saw a glaring deficiency in the performance of simulation platforms. In fact, their CTO had already been solving this problem for eight years by developing a performant and modern set of algorithms. But an algorithm library, no matter how advanced, is not a product and therefore remains inaccessible for most due to the steep learning curve and purely code-based access. The aim became to create a revolutionary simulation platform that will truly take advantage of cloud scaling to speed up the solutions and make them more accurate. Quanscient rolls out new releases of Quanscient Allsolve while their quantum team is continuing to conduct spearhead quantum research.


Company nameQuanscient Oy
Link(s) to webpageAbout us: History, Values and Team | Quanscient
Additional information (e.g. age, size, industry sector)Founded in 2021SME24 employees
3Os (OS/OD/OH) relating to the company and the role of the company as a user and/or contributorOS – contributor and userOD – contributor and user
4Es (artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI); blockchain (BC); quantum (QN); robotics (RB)) relating to the company and the role of the company as a user and/or a contributorQN – contributor and userAI – user
Relevant type of business model(s)Business driven model – Asset based – Open core
Relevant type of license(s)Sparselizard: GPLv2+Qiskit and TKET: Apache License 2.0GMSH: GPLv2+

How OD/OSS/OH is used?

Quanscient’s finite-element algorithms are based on an open-source library Sparselizard (Sparselizard finite element C++ library) developed solely by their CTO. They continue to support the community around Sparselizard and develop open-source algorithms. As a scientific actor, they also utilize and produce open data to an extent that it relates to their purely scientific activities. As a quantum algorithms company, they utilize several open-source quantum software libraries to produce quantum computing algorithms.

With regard to Sparselizard, the role of Quanscient is central and, from the community perspective, its role  is to support and keep the ecosystem alive. 

Quanscient is also involved in other ecosystems, in the role of a user. These include Qiskit (https://qiskit.org/) in their quantum algorithms design and TKET (https://www.quantinuum.com/developers/tket). On the classical side, they use GMSH for meshing geometries for the finite-element solver (https://gmsh.info/). This is integrated as an elemental part of our software.