OpenMove is a company that provides digital payment solutions and mobility services. They offer a range of services including mobile ticketing, contactless payments, and mobility management solutions for public transportation, parking, and other mobility services. OpenMove focuses on providing seamless and convenient payment options for users while also helping businesses and organizations streamline their operations. Their solutions are designed to enhance the overall mobility experience for customers and improve efficiency for service providers.


Company nameOpenmove
Link(s) to webpageMaaS | Mobility as a Service – OpenMove
Additional information (e.g. age, size, industry sector)SME
3Os (OS/OD/OH) relating to the company and the role of the company as a user and/or contributorFOSS, OD user and contributor
4Es (artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI); blockchain (BC); quantum (QN); robotics (RB)) relating to the company and the role of the company as a user and/or a contributor
Relevant type of business model(s)SaaSSw related servicesIndirect BenefitsOD Cost-Saving
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How OS/OD/OH is used?

The company specializes in developing software for mobile ticketing and smart mobility solutions, primarily catering to public authorities (PA) or transport companies seeking to enhance their mobility services. Key aspects of their business model include:

  • Integration capabilities to enable the seamless incorporation of third-party applications, facilitating enhanced functionality and interoperability within the ecosystem.
  • Provision of technical assistance to clients, ensuring smooth implementation and operation of their software solutions, particularly in a business-to-business (B2B) context.
  • Occasionally engaged in front-end development to enhance user interfaces and experiences.

While the company extensively utilizes open-source software (OSS) and open standards (OS) in their development processes, they do not release their code as open source. However, they actively contribute to OSS projects on platforms such as GitHub and leverage OS for optimizing efficiency, particularly in tasks like conversion between different standards. These practices enable them to maintain a competitive edge and deliver robust solutions tailored to the evolving needs of their clients in the smart mobility sector.