Dedagroup stands out for its ability to support the digital evolution of the business models of its clients, banking, insurance, industrial groups and financial intermediaries, to realise their promises of providing innovative and evolved services to the end customer. They support clients in redesigning their processes, with the aim of improving efficiency and boosting competitiveness, helping them to build true digital ecosystems. Dedagroup incorporates more than 25 years of experience in the sector and has strengthened our deep-rooted skills and assets through a path of growth that is synergic with the Group’s industrial design.


Company Name, Country, Link to WebpageDedagroup Business Solutions, Italy
3Os relating to the Company (User/Contributor)FOSS (User and Maker), OD (User)
4Es relating to the company (User/Contributor)AI
Age and SizeActive from 2017; Large Company
Relevant Types of Business ModelsPackage suite, open environment
Relevant Types of LicencesGNU, GPLv3

How OD/OSS/OH is used?

Deadagroup is specialized in harnessing the power of open source technologies to drive digital innovation and foster collaboration. They offer a diverse range of services and activities to both public administrations (PAs) and companies seeking efficient, cost-effective solutions. Among their many activities:

  • Provide strategic financing solutions tailored to the needs of projects leveraging open source technologies, ensuring sustainable development and growth.
  • Foster digital innovation initiatives, leveraging open source frameworks and methodologies to create cutting-edge solutions that address modern challenges.
  • Offer comprehensive open data services designed to empower both public administrations and businesses with valuable insights
  • With a focus on flexibility and scalability, they specialize in customizing software solutions using FOSS components, ensuring optimal functionality and compatibility
  • They provide the basis for systems integration, enabling seamless interoperability and the efficient reuse of IP across different public administrations, maximizing resource utilization and reducing redundancy

As examples of products and services provided by Dedagroup:

  • Plugin QGIS for SensorThingsAPI: Their plugins for QGIS enable seamless integration with SensorThingsAPI, empowering users to harness IoT data for spatial analysis and decision-making
  • Città 15 Minuti: Leveraging OpenStreetMap data and diverse PA licenses, Città 15 Minuti is a prime example of their commitment to creating accessible, location-based solutions that enhance urban planning and citizen engagement