Datafund is a protocol and a decentralized infrastructure that guards personal data, provides safe storage and enables provable personal data exchange. It is building the ecosystem of participants related to personal data. Marketplace participation: open source community participation, partnership with innovative technology projects, cooperation with academia (grants), strategic partnerships with B2B and BTC companies for fast business scaling and support for early adopters of the Datafund platform (e.g. marketing). Datafund protocol guards personal data, provides safe storage and enables ethical data exchange. It is working with Ethereum Foundation’s Swarm team to create the best personal data protocol.


Company nameDatafund
Link(s) to webpage
Additional information (e.g. age, size, industry sector)Micro unit
3Os (OS/OD/OH) relating to the company and the role of the company as a user and/or contributorOS user and contributorOD user
4Es (artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI); blockchain (BC); quantum (QN); robotics (RB)) relating to the company and the role of the company as a user and/or a contributorAI userBC user and contributor
Relevant type of business model(s)open environment
Relevant type of license(s)GPL, GitHub

How OS/OD/OH is used?

Datafund leverages open source elements extensively. They empower individuals by providing tools to control their data, fostering anonymization, management, and potential monetization. Contributions to open source projects are mandatory, ensuring a robust infrastructure for users. Datafund serves as a user, contributor, and integrator, facilitating a fair data economy with decentralized storage and server-less transfers. Motivations include transparency, community trust, and visibility within the Swarm ecosystem. Community management is vital for widespread adoption, with minimal reliance on traditional IP protection methods. Overall, Datafund recognizes OS/OD/OH as fundamental to its business model, driving innovation and user trust within a decentralized technology landscape.